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Every home has something to say. Do you know about yours? The colours of a house reflect the ideas, creativity and lifestyle of its residents. Many nature lovers wish to paint the home with emerald green while several others associate blue with a serene and calming effect. Professional house painters in Auckland from Nice Brush Painting finds out what represents your emotions at best.

We meet with you, discuss your requirements and create a strategic plan to turn your dreamy home into a reality. We can paint your home to colours that are most close to you, so you feel relaxed and comfortable in the space you live in. From the colour choice to introducing new painting technologies, we leave no stone unturned to come over your expectations.

And, it’s not that the job costs you a hefty amount; all our residential painting services come at affordable prices. From breathtaking interiors to lavish exteriors; we personalise your world exactly as you dreamt of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

House painting work does not require the assistance of the members of the family, however their inputs are highly appreciated. At Nice Brush Painting we value our clients and their trust in us is of great importance. We work with precision and dedication, which means that your absence would not hamper the quality of the work. The commitments will be met as per the schedule. We take your suggestions with utmost sincerity and hence, we offer a walk through post our work and you can ask for a touch up if anything goes unnoticed. As professional painters, customer satisfaction is of our utmost priority.

Painting a house does not take as long as getting the house ready to paint. Before any painting begins, the house should be prim and proper. That includes a series of processes- water blasting, scraping of the old paint, sanding the walls, applying primer and even changing the disintegrated sections. An average house takes around a week's time to complete, while a larger area will require more time to provide finished results. We believe in providing the best results for our clients. Hence, we dont leave any stone unturned with our professionalism. The estimated number of days committed will be met and you will have an abode to cherish.

Yes indeed. We believe that your workplace defines your brand and image. We understand the importance of work and the business it brings, hence the first impression should be a lasting one. With an experience of commercial painting in Auckland which includes offices, restaurants and companies we know the importance of remodelling and giving a new touch to your work space.
Not only are our services affordable, we use recent techniques and equipment to achieve the desired result.
From selecting the perfect colour to suit your commercial space, to designing safety measure and procuring civil authority permissions, we do it all at Nice Brush Paintings. We understand that commercial painting is a huge investment on all grounds and we value that, hence we make sure to fulfil the expected results in the allocated budget with perfection.

Nice Brush Painting values your time and our time is your money. We like to keep it transparent. Though as a team of professional painters we would love to handle everything for you, however you can make sure of a smoother movement for the painting work.
If you plan on the interior painting work, you can help by cleaning the odd spots including the toilets, soap dispensers, cleaning materials, organizers. Taping switch plates and covers can also amplify the speed of painting work. While the exterior work requires the gutters to be in a proper condition.
What really is helpful before we begin painting is the problem areas. You can help identify those problem areas and that directly aids in treating it with specify requirements.

Interior & Exterior House Painters Auckland

Wish to style your home or office to something unique and extraordinary? If yes, then we are the painting experts you can rely on. The most experienced, talented and creative interior & exterior painters in Auckland from Nice Brush Painting have the tools and expertise to decorate the space as per your specific requirements.

Our project managers work together with you to create awe-inspiring designs which, when implemented by our qualified painters in central Auckland, provide breathtaking results. From mosaic patterns and artistic designs for interiors to unique solid colours for inviting exteriors, Nice Brush Painting is the place you need to create your dreamy world. We work professionally, engage friendly and give you a stunning place you will fall in love with.

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Flooring Services in Auckland

On entering a house or an office, the first thing that you will notice is your reflection in those shining floors and the sparkling coloured walls.

Interior & Exterior Plastering Services Auckland

The walls serve as your interior canvas. If your walls lack professional plastering, wallpaper or paint will not look smooth or last a long time.

Gib® Plasterboard Stopping & Fixing in Auckland

Are uneven walls making your interiors shabby? Nice brush painting provides exceptional GIB® Stopping in Auckland. We are reputable professionals with over 10 years in the industry.

Nice brush painting, for your painting solutions.

Interior or exterior, residential or commercial, single room or the entire building, Nice Brush Painting is here for all your painting solutions. Our experienced team of qualified painters works dedicatedly, creating super durable, beautiful walls that live up to your expectations.

From unique colour combinations to ultra-stylish designs, our creative painters not only focus on the beauty but also add durability to your structure by utilising high-quality paints. And all of this is possible because of years of experience under our sleeves. So, whether you want to paint your sweet home or planning to renovate the office space, Nice Brush Painting is here for you.

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Experienced Commercial & House Painters in Central Auckland

You can have top-quality paints, cutting-edge tools, rollers and sprayers for painting, but if you lack a team of skilled painters it is of no use. A naive painter will only do more harm than good by utilising your resources. On the other hand, trained and experienced painters as we have in our team at Nice Brush Painting, will use the paints in the best way possible and give your home a fresh breath of air.

Every stroke of paint applied by the skilled hands of our experienced commercial & house painters in Central Auckland promises perfection and shines your beautiful walls. What’s more, we take adequate care while painting the premises, so there is zero or little mess and give you a beautiful, awe-inspiring, stunning place.

So, wait no more. Discuss your requirements with our house painters in Central Auckland and revamp your space today!

Trusted Interior & Exterior Painters In Auckland

Nice Brush Painting is the only brand name you need to consider if you are seeking professional commercial and residential painters in Auckland. Our streamlined procedure and our painters’ extensive experience in residential and commercial painting projects make us an ideal choice.

Our team of painters in Auckland is well-equipped to complete any house painting project to your satisfaction. We are the most trusted and highly recommended interior and exterior painters in Auckland.

Interior Painters in Auckland

Our Auckland painters, specialising in interiors, know that a person’s house is often their most valuable possession; thus, they take great care to ensure its safety while painting. Our painters will move through your home carefully, covering and protecting any surface that will not be painted. We understand that your home is where you want to relax; therefore, we take special care to minimise disruptions and maintain a low profile while we operate.

Exterior Painters in Auckland:

We are proud to be the best exterior painters in Auckland, and our top priorities are providing excellent service and producing beautiful, long-lasting paint jobs. Hiring Nice Brush Painting means you can be assured that the entire project, from cleanup to plastering, gib stopping, gib repairing, and finally painting, will be carried out in the most professional and timely manner possible.

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Nice Brush Painting are committed to delivering the highest standards of services with 100% customer satisfaction. We do our best to achieve the desired results. However, if somehow we miss anything, we will repaint it. Our painters are polite, friendly and reliable.


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