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    On entering a house or an office, the first thing that you will notice is your reflection in those shining floors and the sparkling coloured walls. At Nice Brush Painting, we offer a range of flooring options in Auckland, New Zealand. Selecting the perfect flooring solution for yourself can be a tedious task. However, as floor specialists we aim at helping our clients with the best possible solution to suit their requirements. We like to handle all your flooring worries from beginning to completion. We help you find the right flooring type by discussing your requirements, planning its installation and guiding you through the aftercare of the floors.

    As one of the best flooring specialists in Auckland, we are passionate about the work we provide and the dedication in the quality of our work is unmatched. We take pride in our work and use the latest technology equipment to achieve our desired results. Our work in Auckland ranges from removing the old flooring to installing a new one, giving the diamond grinding to the floors, repairing or restoring an old flooring to finishing and polishing the new one. Rest assured we have the expertise of working on your floors with the highest of standards.

    Floor Sanding Auckland

    Nice Brush Painting aims at rejuvenating worn out floors and enhancing the newly laid out floors. We start the process with a consultation, measuring the area to be sanded, suggesting if any repairs or replacements are required and looking at the condition of the floors. If the wooden floor or timber floors look good, we would not even suggest sanding. A good buffing and top coating for the floor would do just fine. However sanding adds life to your floors and it lasts longer than any other type of flooring. It is easy to maintain and has lower risk of causing allergies which otherwise is prominent with carpet flooring. We offer our quality workmanship with the highest quality products to provide you with finished floors.

    Floor Coating Auckland

    Floor coating is one of the most crucial components of flooring. As an important visual aspect it should be treated as important as any other flooring component. With the changing technologies, flooring has become more safer and advanced. Earlier oil based coating was used however, now we have water based less volatile organic compounds like polyurethane to coat the floors. At Nice Brush Painting, we make sure of using an eco friendly coat which has non toxic fumes. It takes only a day to dry up completely and thus one can use the floors without the days of waiting thm to dry. Nice Brush Painting values its clients all over Auckland, New Zealand and providing finished floors with quality coating is our priority.

    Floor Polishing Auckland

    At Nice Brush Painting, we offer high quality floor polishing agents to keep your floors healthy and shining. Be it the various types of polishing facilities for your home or that diamond polishing for your office, our work is of the highest quality. Our aim is to make things cost effective for you, hence we can save your old flooring by adding polish and improving the quality of the floor. We make sure that the quality of the polished floors has longevity and does not get damaged easily. The products that we use to polish the floors are environment friendly and not hazardous to your health. Polished concrete floors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also cost effective. They require low maintenance and thus are gaining popularity throughout the country.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Technically there is no shortcut to sanding the floors. It's a slow and tedious process but once you start sanding, the difference will be enormous. Once you have finished the sanding and removed all the grit, you will notice a huge difference in how the flooring looks.

    When it comes to serving the best concrete flooring to our customers we believe that concrete paints, epoxy floor coatings, concrete sealers, epoxy resin, waterproofing membranes and concrete repair works the best.

    The price of the floor polish depends on the choice of coating and cleaning to be done. The floor staining can start anywhere around 40$ m2 to 200$ if you opt for carpet. While waterproofing may only be 75$ m2, high quality tiling can be 125$ per square meter.

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